Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dana Peak Ride Video Right click save as. Approx 5 minutes, 14 Megs Yes, I did get the angle of the lens tilted upward and found a rider to video. The trail is the Dana Peak trails out at Stillhouse Hollow Lake. The tape ran out before we got to the semi-techie stuff. This is edited and rendered on Pinnacle Studio 9+ which I can make work wonderfully on my system. The expensive Vegas program of which I was able to download a torrent renders way more slowly. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

First ride with the new helmet cam set-up

I made the 8.5 mile normal blue loop today at BLORA with no problems of note with the ride--the ride being the first for my miniDV cam mounted on the helmet. I do need to adjust the angle of the cam inside the lexan box--by adjusting the foam or adding a wedge maybe. The tilt is slightly down and thus on this ride I only got footage maybe up to 24 feet or so in front of me with hardly ever any sky or horizon.The wide angle lens adaptor did take some scratches from all the cedar face slappers but seemed to be no ill effect when looking at the footage in WMP. Sorry, no footage yet. I need to get another ride or two, then edit and find a place to host.It's a fun project though. The lipstick cam DVDs I made in Hawaii were so long and such high quality picture I never did edit them smaller nor post on web.We'll see what happens this go 'round.