Sunday, July 13, 2014


So in a slight funk lately. Work has been stressful for the last few months.  Since the 2d week in June I’ve about halved my exercising, yet I’ve doubled up on calories.

The calories were supposed to go up about 50% and the exercise the same…but those funky psyche times can put a number on best laid plans.  That and it seems for the 1st two miles of every run I do, and then for a day or more after, I really have pain.

So today after moping around not exercising either Thursday or Friday or Saturday I got up at 11ish and before noon thought---I just cannot do this. No matter how much I want to feel sorry for myself and the dark side of me want the scale read a BIG gain, I need to get out and do something.

Stepping on the scale before the shower, fully expecting to see 208 or something and then getting mad and feeling even more bad AND giving myself reason to lose all motivation, I was very very surprised to see 200.  Just a 5 or 6 pound gain after just not doing as much and eating waaay more…and for the past 40 days almost.

Wow that made me very happy and I thought so it IS ok to get in a psyche and have a bad time---not all will be lost !  Now knowing this has caused me to say YES YES YES I am ready to get back with it and BREAKAWAY from the bad psyche.

I headed to late breakfast:


Oh yes this from a Austin tradition near campus that will move soon:


The off to BREAKAWAY for some good vinyl music for a good psyche:


I hauled away these 10:


And then it was time for the 15 minute drive further south to Slaughter Creek:


Bike wants shade bad…



It is hot---109 in the sun.

Officially at my fan aspirated and shielded device it reached 101 in south Killeen today; our 2d day of the season of temps at or over 100F.

I managed 2 laps, as usual at Slaughter the 1st lap was get reacquainted with the rock creeks and ledges and take some pictures, and the 2d lap was ON Smile

Was a GOOD SUNDAY and I’m ready to get back with a routine and be ready come August for Wichita Falls Hotter than Hell 100 road and trail endeavors.

Stats at: