Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Helmetcam Setup Pictures

Here are the helmet cam set up pics as promised. Sorry they're not razor sharp, but I think the idea comes acrossed. It is a Canon Elura 65 cam with the optional wide angle lens. The box is made of lexan resin, a heavy duty material. It can be obtained from GSIoutdoors in a variety of sized. Mine is a medium and would cost 20 doaalrs. As you can see it is actually a little too big as I got it with an earlier lipstick cam setup as an option from However, the foam inside that cradles the cam keeps everything nice and snug. Since I added the wide angle lens today, all I'll now need to do to be ride ready is add just a little more lead to counterbalance everything nicely.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Helmet Cam, Books, and Whatnot

So for aong time now I've been wanting to get the entire DV cam atop or on my helmet. I had made a couple of lip stick cam DVDs of biking stuff while on Oahu, but knew I could get better quality and a wide screen format with the entire cam on the head. After perusing many websites, just the other day I discovered the solution was staring me practically in the face all along. I had a lexar box to house the camcorder that slipped inside the camelbak when I used the lipstick cam setup. So all I had to do was figure how to mount the lexar case to the helmet. A circular hole dilled for the lens, a piece of foam, a dowel, 4 zip ties, a little extra padding for inside the forehead area of the helmet, an inner tube, some lead fishing weights, and some electrical tape--and the task is finished and well balanced and I think is going to work like a charm. Tomorrow my wide angle les convertor should arrive. I'll post pics of the set up soon. And just maybe test it all out on a trail this weekend. I have Pinnacle 9 and also Sony Vegas editing suites, so maybe look for a 4 minute video in a few months. There are some things I just don't finish quickly. Books--I like reading spy novels--Follett cant write them fast enough--and unfortunately he is slow--and even slower now that he's concentrating on the follow up to Pillars of the Earth. Cussler---I finally bored of. Same old all the time--maybe if more of those books were adapted into movies--Sahara was quite ok. So I read some Bell which was good and the Ludlum series which carries on after his death which is ok. Now I've stumbled onto some author whose last name starts with a "D'" whose hero is supposed to be a combo of Cussler's Pitt and Flemings' Bond. I have two samples waiting and I'll report what I think later--if I remember of course. The 17th is Beauty and the Beast Bike Tour up in Tyler, Texas; I've never been to that one and want to go pretty badly--but--then I contemplate the 700 dollars for a nice enjoyable weekend with gas and 2 nites lodging and eats and all--700 that I really don't have---stay tuned as to whether I go or not. ZZ Top concert tickets for the concert at the Bell Expo on the 24th of March are in had. This I cant wait to see. Ok enough bantering for now. Another day at work approaches. Another day fatter than yesterday--I really ought to have a ride schedule that I stick to--but oh it's all just seemingly too hard.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Muleshoe Ride--Geocoding, Google Earth and Google Pages Finally Figured out

So I discovered to get the thumbs and photos to work right for a KMZ for the web file on Google Earth, all one has to do is load the images to a personal google page website. Flickr does not work because it is not a folder structured site.
Today I went to Muleshoe Rec Area on Lake Travis near Austin to ride; it was a gorgeous 60 degrees. Prior to that I went to Austin Canoe and Kayak and purchased a High Roller bike "tray" to replace the King Cobra. And I stopped at a neat bike shop called Spin City; it is everything a small shop should be. The LBS in my area should visit and take notes. Iguana Grill after the ride was a great way to cap off the afternoon.
So above is the KMZ file--just click on the picture--of course you will need Google Earth installed.
Here I am looking fat at the day's end--damn, I wished my love affair with food was lesser.
Ok, thanks for reading and looking.