Monday, December 18, 2006

A geocoding try-out

This is all frustrating.
And if anyone knows the correct URL to Flickr images please say--when someone clicks on my KMZ thums all they're gunna get right now is a "oops" message.
Anyway this is the Austin Jingle Bells Ride KMZ Google Earth Map and pictures taken with a crappy digital cam and an even crappier picture taker. I guess I'm not in a good mood. Every step of this is a struggle to figure out.
Click here <<<<<(You'll also need Google Earth) Which interestingly enough disabled route display from imported gpx files again as of the new build 2 days ago--I put this upgraded beta on the laptop; I'm glad I discovered it before I overwrote October's build that I have on my good machine.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Today I just want to give quick props to the Men's Wearhouse store in Waco. My company's corporate annual Christmas party in Austin is this Friday so I drug out a jacket and pants from the closet to take there and get pressed. I was the only customer in the store (Waco can really be sleepy) and received great service. As a preferred member every so often I get 50$ off coupons. Upon checking out with some 50% off clothing sales dude says "I see you have an expired certificate in the system you haven't used. Go pick out something around 50$ and go ahead and have it for free". Now that is a fab way to treat a custonmer that really hasn't been in the store but several times. Of course when I do go--well you can imagine--it's not hard to drop some serious coin. And Smokey Bones BBQ afterword was delicious as usual. And the Books A Million managed to get a hundred spot plus a little more from me---I'll be glad when the "shopping" season is over... Happy Holidays all.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Testing a photo

So this was at Dana Peak near Harker Heights and on the shores of Stillhouse Hollow Lake.
I had my wife snap this and it
commemorated my participation in Mountain Bike Review dot com's inaugral Internet group ride.
Of course it was really a solo ride as
people from all over the world got together-alone-or with their groups/ride partners--and rode some good dirt; then everyone shared their stories and pictures on the Passion Forum of MTBR.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Still not convinced...

I have a main web site; I like to call it a web journal, however there is no place for readers to leave me contents. So I'll give this a go. There are lots of links to my rides and other interests over on that site. I am wondering if eventually I buy the program to geocode my photos, if I link to a picture of a map, say on Flickr, that when you click a spot on the map a picture comes up---if that will all work here---I've seen it on fancy mySLQ?/php type web sites..... Well I'll post some real musings later and maybe try a flickr hosted pic or 2, for now it's time 2 leave my desk here at work and gasp--maybe go fight the masses at that "evil" empire known as Walmart and start some Christmas shopping. It's only going to become more hellish the longer I procrastinate.