Saturday, December 24, 2011



This bag is gynormous.

It easily swallows 2 DSLRs, a plethora of lenses, and even other cams and gadgets.

In mine I have :

A Canon Rebel.
A Canon Rebel 3ti.
A 50mm Prime.
A kit lens.
A 70-200mm.
A 200-500mm.
A 10-24mm.
A Canon HD camera.
A Contour HD sports video camera.
A Contour Roam sports camera.
A Canon 420ex flash.
Hoods for the 2 zooms and the superwide.

There is still room for probably 2 or 3 more lens as I haven’t used all the underneath space…it is a “two-decker” bag.

While it has a shoulder strap, loaded it would be way too heavy to lug around.  But it makes great storage at home to keep everything together.  Then just load smaller bags to go shooting.

Has loops to hold a full sized tripod.  Has a rain cover.  Has plenty of pockets for things like filters and memory cards.

It even has a padded space to hold a notebook.  I would advice the smallest of notebooks such as a Toshiba netbook.  The ability to get anything larger in the laptop pouch will be hindered by the other gear.  In this instance it is similar to a camelbak (although the Osprey line of water/gear bags have managed a nice solution for hauling loaded water bladder and still getting to use all gear space).

At approximately $200.00 US it is a nice gear bag.

Those who need a bag to take in the filed on hikes and bike rides and such can look at the clik elite line.