Sunday, June 6, 2010

Using Live Writer

Well I have not posted to this blog in months again.

Several reasons I suppose.  The primary being though the convenience to share photos and quick musings on FB.

Maybe Live Writer which I am trying today to send this posting to Blogger will rejuvenate my enthusiasm for a BLOG.  I will see.

Yesterday I went on a mountain Bike ride on LGT. Lake Georgetown.  The loop is 26 miles around and yesterday was the inaugural day for all 26 miles being open to bikes.  I am too fat and out of shape to do it all.  I completed the 11 mile Cedar Hollows to Camp Tejas segment which contains the most rough trail surface overall.

Much fun but muy dificil.  I cramped like a NFL Linebacker in agony afterwords. LOL.  I wonder what drivers along HWY 195 near Florence thought. ahhaha.

Till next time….