Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chess Titans, Rain and Boredom..

Whaaa..This weekend almost feels never-ending; it poured Friday, Saturday and well up into the night. No mountain biking this weekend.

I don't think I've played Chess in five or ten years. I discovered that Windows 7 has a game called Chess Titans built in. I put it up a notch or 3 from raw beginner and spent maybe 30 minutes defeating the program. Does one really play at Chess? Maybe toil. A nice mental workout for sure. I'm sure a notch or two higher and I would have suffered a mental melt-down.

Visited the new Academy here in Killeen. Thought I'd pick up a Redbirds baseball cap inexpensively. Heck--nothing but Texas college and NFL Teams. Even the PX has a hat--and probably more cheaply than the ballyard.

But the Cards have lost 3 games to the Braves. The last two in a pathetic manner. I hope I didn't waste my money buying tickets to the Houston/St Louis game in H'town in 10 days...

Finally I would just like all my situations to be different. Things generally suck. I know it could be worse though. I wished it were better. A lesson out there to all.....hang on to some money; without money it is seemingly implausible to change a dull reality into a better landscape. Don't be trapped into thinking high salary is the cure-all; it just causes more outlay. Curbing excess is the key. Oh, will I ever reach Sunbeam..I will be a miracle instead of a change I could make if I had the means...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Too long again but we'll give this a whirl.

Work just sucks the life energy out of one. But that's not to say I don't spend quality time with the computer; it's just I haven't made time to blog.

I've installed the RTM of Windows 7 and I must say it's a great OS. I have been letting the OS set my monitor rez to its native format and that's taken some getting used to. My really bad eyes causes me to contol + a lot of stuff in Firefox.

Front Page 2003--I slightly changed the look of my main page at It is cleaner now and it didn't take me long to figure out how to make use of a table to get my text to flow properly on different resolutions. It should appear much better now for the rare times a person might actually visit. But that's just the entry page; I haven't done nothing with the content pages, nor will I probably. Maybe if I ever add a new page...

So here in Central Texas after a scorching hot summer, we've had a couple of days of steady rain now. I like the slightly cooler temps but it looks like biking will be out for a week or so.

I just have a really hard time breaking away from the computer--I COULD actually use that exercise room and stationary trainer I have set up downstairs.

I'm thinking of going dual monitor and adding a blu ray reading drive. There now will be no reason other than work and the occasional bike ride for me to ever leave the "man cave". LOL.

How about those redbirds. Struggling at 5 to 8 games above 500 all year until after the all star break; now it's rare they lose a game. Bring on the Yankees. I haven't seen a WS matchup between the 2 teams that have appeared in more fall classics than any other team in my almost 47 year span of existence.

Speaking of which I have tickets to the Cards/Astros game at Minutemaid coming up soon. I hope my team crushes them juice heads into pulp. I'll devour and spew them 'stros into the GAR-Bodge. Lulz.

It's almost 9 AM on a rainy Staurday morning. I am hungry...