Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chess Titans, Rain and Boredom..

Whaaa..This weekend almost feels never-ending; it poured Friday, Saturday and well up into the night. No mountain biking this weekend.

I don't think I've played Chess in five or ten years. I discovered that Windows 7 has a game called Chess Titans built in. I put it up a notch or 3 from raw beginner and spent maybe 30 minutes defeating the program. Does one really play at Chess? Maybe toil. A nice mental workout for sure. I'm sure a notch or two higher and I would have suffered a mental melt-down.

Visited the new Academy here in Killeen. Thought I'd pick up a Redbirds baseball cap inexpensively. Heck--nothing but Texas college and NFL Teams. Even the PX has a hat--and probably more cheaply than the ballyard.

But the Cards have lost 3 games to the Braves. The last two in a pathetic manner. I hope I didn't waste my money buying tickets to the Houston/St Louis game in H'town in 10 days...

Finally I would just like all my situations to be different. Things generally suck. I know it could be worse though. I wished it were better. A lesson out there to all.....hang on to some money; without money it is seemingly implausible to change a dull reality into a better landscape. Don't be trapped into thinking high salary is the cure-all; it just causes more outlay. Curbing excess is the key. Oh, will I ever reach Sunbeam..I will be a miracle instead of a change I could make if I had the means...

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