Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center-Austin

Today Larry, a fellow photography and biking friend, and Sally and I went to shoot wildflowers at the University of Texas Wildflower Center in South Austin.

IMG_1944  IMG_1945
                                                                   Sculptures were nice.

IMG_1946  IMG_1950
                                                                      We’d see more of these later.

IMG_1952  IMG_1955

IMG_1954  IMG_1962

IMG_1967  IMG_1970
                                         This fellow was elusive !

IMG_1973          IMG_1976

IMG_1982  IMG_1984
Maybe my favorite shot of the day.                      Fellow photog, Larry

IMG_1987   IMG_1989
                              Photography is a POPULAR activity here Smile

IMG_1990  IMG_1992

IMG_1995   IMG_2001

IMG_2013    IMG_2021
Just released butterfly—patient for all !

IMG_2029   IMG_2035

IMG_2037   IMG_2042
                                                                          Still hiding Winking smile

IMG_2051   IMG_2054

IMG_2058   IMG_2059
                                                                        Easier to see this side of road.

IMG_2065   IMG_2067

IMG_2068   IMG_2070

IMG_2072  IMG_2073

IMG_2074   IMG_2075

IMG_2076   IMG_2077

IMG_2078   IMG_2079

IMG_2085   IMG_2089 
             Now there are 5 !!

IMG_2096   IMG_2101
                                                                     Got out the 500MM lens !

IMG_2102    IMG_2103a
Eats at the famous Shady Grove near Zilker Park after.  Pulled Pork Tamale Cakes and Meatloaf smothered with chili, fries, and jalapeno-lime coleslaw.

A great day.  Larry’s wife Marilyn works for Texas A&M Agricultural Research Center and this day had to stay at home to research and write as she is studying some advanced subjects on the post-grad level at University of Texas. No matter we brought some homemade limoncelo cake over for desert Smile