Saturday, September 13, 2008

When will soon finally arrive?

So the question is: When does soon arrive?

I ponder this as recent events make me pine for soon all the more. Technology is a wonderous thing; it brings peoples closer. .... But yet we can be sooo far.

Patience is the operative word. And someday (s00n) dreams will come.

Until then I've been mountain biking more. At least once, if not twice a week. Finally I have over a thousand miles on the Stumpjumper.

And of course I still toil away managing a large government food service contract under the Ability One Program. I don't think it can really be called toiling; but it is thought and action (decision-making) intensive---with never a dull, quiet moment, and ever changing government missions.

Current reading is the Stephen Coonts novel, "Assassin". Next up, "The Last Pope". And after that, my son Michael has convinced me to read the Star Wars novel that is set between The Phantom Menace and A New Hope.

Other musings---I am still fat; I have not gotten serious about losing weight in the entire time I've been back from Hawaii. Groan. Not that around 210 and 5 feet 10 is gynormous or anything--but the belly is BIG.

I hardly ever watch TV but didn't make bike plans ds weekend due the hurricane (which dudded out here in Central Texas--wow-we ended up with a whole .05 inch of rain), so I was rested and had time to flip through the channels tonight. I stopped on the local PBS station in HiDef. I thought I heard of this band before--maybe dirtragmag featured them. Arcade Fire (Austin City Limits Live)----refreshing to say the least: I was mightily impressed. Rushed right over on the surf to and downloaded both albums.

There is a new Subaru Dealer right down the street on Stan Scheutter. The 09 Outbacks are in stock, and exciting news: they have premium Harmon/Kardon speaker systems and Amps in 'em, with an MP3 convenience jack.

But really I'm just a poor broke guy coz I never saved.

And therein lies why soon doesn't arrive quickly..

..I pray I win the lottery or have another blessing.

For now I just am. Going through the motions as best I can.

My permasmile is still some time off.

But someday soon WILL arrive.