Saturday, December 1, 2007

Something needs to give...

..or so I've been thinking as I was reading through older posts on my older blog; I seemed to be much happier.

But I noticed for all the work and lack of riding my weight really hasn't gone up from this time last year--just that I did not lose any at all like I would have hoped. I think I counted the other day that I had rode outside only 35 times all year. I don't know what I'm going to do.

One piece of good news is I can start spinning indoors in my exercise room again soon. I had quit because the 19" LCD quit woeking and I was mad and lost motivation. I've ben trying to figure out how to get the manufacturer and warranty company to take care of me for a few months. Yesterday I received an email with a tracking number saying a replacement was on the way. yay.

Now I just have to figure 0ut how to balance life and wprk and stay out of trouble.

So I've been wanting to name the Stumpjumper forever (2 years). I mean I've always had bike names like Hwaii Pearl, Scary Fast, Double B. Looking at an old MTBR post covering the first ride on stumpie I noticed today that I had referred to the steed as SJ. It seems perfect today. SJ--simple and rolls off the tongue nicely.

I have a virus. Since this time last week. Or so the doc said Wednesday. Took my 12 bucks copay and sent me home without a damn thing. I think I have sinusitus which is a bacteria which couldv'e meant a z pzck anyway.

Have I jabbered long enough? I noted my older BLOG was much more personal and enjoyable to read (atlesat for me) so I've been longing to write in that manner again. Thus this diatribe.

Maybe it's time for a hot soak and to start reading the Pillars of the Earth sequel I picked up a month or more back.

And I have some vide editing to still complete. I try and make a vid for my special friend OFW G.A. every year. How I miss Iraq and those times. Always hoping and wondering for another time in the future...

It's wet here--I need to go work for a few hours tomorrow--probably no outdoor ride this weekend---again!

Go MO--beat Sooners.

Til next time, Pete