Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Helmetcam Setup Pictures

Here are the helmet cam set up pics as promised. Sorry they're not razor sharp, but I think the idea comes acrossed. It is a Canon Elura 65 cam with the optional wide angle lens. The box is made of lexan resin, a heavy duty material. It can be obtained from GSIoutdoors in a variety of sized. Mine is a medium and would cost 20 doaalrs. As you can see it is actually a little too big as I got it with an earlier lipstick cam setup as an option from However, the foam inside that cradles the cam keeps everything nice and snug. Since I added the wide angle lens today, all I'll now need to do to be ride ready is add just a little more lead to counterbalance everything nicely.


markowe said...

Cool idea for the helmet cam, it;s something I fancy trying myself. But it seems a lot of trouble to go to - there must be some small lightweight camera you can just tape on there...?

Oberst Rechtsanwalt said...

There are a couple small cameras that can just be taped on to a helmet. But, the helemt cam idea works too.