Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Helmet Cam, Books, and Whatnot

So for aong time now I've been wanting to get the entire DV cam atop or on my helmet. I had made a couple of lip stick cam DVDs of biking stuff while on Oahu, but knew I could get better quality and a wide screen format with the entire cam on the head. After perusing many websites, just the other day I discovered the solution was staring me practically in the face all along. I had a lexar box to house the camcorder that slipped inside the camelbak when I used the lipstick cam setup. So all I had to do was figure how to mount the lexar case to the helmet. A circular hole dilled for the lens, a piece of foam, a dowel, 4 zip ties, a little extra padding for inside the forehead area of the helmet, an inner tube, some lead fishing weights, and some electrical tape--and the task is finished and well balanced and I think is going to work like a charm. Tomorrow my wide angle les convertor should arrive. I'll post pics of the set up soon. And just maybe test it all out on a trail this weekend. I have Pinnacle 9 and also Sony Vegas editing suites, so maybe look for a 4 minute video in a few months. There are some things I just don't finish quickly. Books--I like reading spy novels--Follett cant write them fast enough--and unfortunately he is slow--and even slower now that he's concentrating on the follow up to Pillars of the Earth. Cussler---I finally bored of. Same old all the time--maybe if more of those books were adapted into movies--Sahara was quite ok. So I read some Bell which was good and the Ludlum series which carries on after his death which is ok. Now I've stumbled onto some author whose last name starts with a "D'" whose hero is supposed to be a combo of Cussler's Pitt and Flemings' Bond. I have two samples waiting and I'll report what I think later--if I remember of course. The 17th is Beauty and the Beast Bike Tour up in Tyler, Texas; I've never been to that one and want to go pretty badly--but--then I contemplate the 700 dollars for a nice enjoyable weekend with gas and 2 nites lodging and eats and all--700 that I really don't have---stay tuned as to whether I go or not. ZZ Top concert tickets for the concert at the Bell Expo on the 24th of March are in had. This I cant wait to see. Ok enough bantering for now. Another day at work approaches. Another day fatter than yesterday--I really ought to have a ride schedule that I stick to--but oh it's all just seemingly too hard.

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