Thursday, May 8, 2008

Computer Build Time!

Yeah the title is what this will be about. But first, wow---it's May and this is my first blog post of the year! What the heck?

I guess life has been busy. The unit that was up at North Ft Hood caused lots of grief but is gone now. Bunch of Buckeye, Spartan, and Wolverine lovers. I had some 80 hour work weeks for a couple months almost!

Things still are somewhat "tough" at work---well when you're a top dog, that's how things roll.

Speaking of rolling, I have been on the Stumpjumper much more the last two months. And I'm really enjoying it. Road biking on the other hand has been painful. lol. Too many fast people. Being humbled on the road sucks. On a mountain bike I can handle it.

Read several good novels. That Follet sequel was tops and the latest Cussler wasn't bad.

Also for Christmas I upgraded the home theater. Maybe I'll update that section on my main website someday. But it's got a great top of the line Z-line rack, a new Onkyo receiver, and a new playstation 3. Blu ray is really nice. Said all that I'm still not one to turn on the TV much; I'd rather browse computer and biking sites all evening on the "Internets".

So I've been thinking of building a computer for a few years; I always thought it would be prohibitively expensive...but 1500$ and 4 boxes from new egg, and a few late nights of Internet research on builds later---and I'm about ready to get started. It's a Intel based quad core rig with DDR3 ram, ATI graphics, several hard drives, a DVD Burner etc etc. Should make any video rendering I do less painful. But mainly I'm doing it to say I can and a custom built computer is damn fine-lol.

Here's d gear:

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