Sunday, May 25, 2008

Random Thoughts

Life is good. Well OK. I think we all want for more or different--don't we?

Anyway I have 3 and a half days off work this memorial day holiday. Already I've gotten in a mtb ride, edited a video, watched 2 movies and of course ate way too damn much!

The Golden Compass I thought was pretty much of a mess. And a creepy story. Did the director even tell us why the kids are getting stolen? The new Indiana Jones on the other hand was fresh. As good as the 1st 3 Indy movies?--probably not--probably not even as good as the Mummy movies, instead more on the order of Sahara (a Clive Cussler novel adaptation). In other words a lot of good, hokey fun (in this instance alien and Karen Allen fun). I viewed it at the new Market Heights Cinema. I thought the auditoriums, sound and picture average. The semi-self/serve concession area is cool and I loved the fact they had Nathan's hot dogs.

The ride was at BLORA yesterday with screen names Joraff, armyrider,perlinger,and another guy whose name escapes me. Anyway it has been hot and humid lately. This tuned out to be the better of my last 3 rides, none of which has been outstanding. But al least through the 1st half or so I rode fairly strong.

The video I made was culled from footage of our ride out at Rocky Hill Ranch last Sunday. It can be found at I really love the new computer I built; I am still discovering minor tweaks, but everything works above expectations.

The new Whitesnake album rocks. I've been listening to it again as I type this. SummerRain is playing now and so far it's the weakest of the bunch. As always remember to pick up tunes for less on the Internet MP3 places that choose to provide value.

The Mi Casa Su Casa restaurant along the US190 frontage Rd in Harker Heights has a good buffet on Sunday mornings from 10 to 2. Armyrider told me about it and I'll say he was right. And the price is right too. They even had some brisket and bbq sauce!

Can you see I'm bored? I'd rather be in Austin riding; I thought I'd go to Austin and ride the 'nut tomorrow and then eat 'q at this place called Ruby;s that I've never been too--but the wife's having company from noon til 3 and I dont wanna go alone. Oh well, in all it's been a swell weekend. Maybe I'll read a book or something.....

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