Sunday, May 11, 2008

OS INSTALL--SUCCESS !!! New comp about ready

So after two late evenings with the computer parts, I have a fresh new computer with a virgin edition of windows XP Pro successfully installed. Really I didn't run into many glitches or much puzzlement at all. It went amazingly smooth for my premiere build. Now all that's left to do is install the monitor, motherboard chipset drivers, and graphics card drivers to gain full functionality. Then install MSN premium and its free virus protection suite, run windows update, install software (luckily I saved most of my software setup executables to an external HD), then transfer over the data in my documents from the same external HD.

I'm ecstatic about this. And now about to have a let down. It went too easy. Well if I get bored I can crack the case and make the wiring look even more organized I suppose. Not.

Today's ride was HUMID--620 PM start time at BLORA with a few riding pals. 85 degrees and 70%+ humidity; it was a miserable ride--but usually any ride's better than no ride.

I saw on a forum that Mellow Johnny's (Lance's Austin Bike Shop) opened today. One of these days I'll have to check it.

Damn I'm hungry. It's 2 AM--enough of this late nite sh&% already. Maybe I'll just stay up a few mo hours and go to Dennys or IHOP for Mother's Day.

Oh pictures. This blogger always hard to use. I wished I had the patience to format the layout better. I'll post up some pics of the build in progress and the final product soon.

Oh a name for the new machine--can you tell I think Al Gore's Internet is the best invention EVER? haha--after all without the Internet the computer would just be a silly number cruncher and word processor. It's named just simply Telstar-Home after the case model name. Maybe later on I'll change it to Al'sStartel--pronounced Al's Star Tell. By the way, I think Al got ripped off by that cheating ho during the Florida recount. His consolation--a peace prize.

It's time for food or sleep so I'm out.

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